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Winnie the pooh - Shaped adult pacifiers

Winnie the pooh - Shaped adult pacifiers

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Our specialty pacifiers give a new and fun shape to your traditional adult pacifiers, with fun shapes & different sizes these pieces are as light weight and comfortable as ever! 

Wear them on little days or display them to add a cute little touch to any room! 

Are they safe to use in the mouth?

Yes! Our specialty pacifiers have a 4 layer design, let's break it down!

1 - first,our resin coating: our thick resin coating is to increase durability & protect our unique hand painted design featured on each pacifier.

2 - our soft layer with skin safe sealant & inner plastic, each piece contains a inner layer of flexible plastic to protect against soak through of the resin as well as a skin safe coating under the resin layer for extra protection.

3 - our cushion layer, this layer will be slightly touching the face when in use which is why we made it super soft & smooth textured.

Information about our shaped pacifiers:

  • Safe for the mouth, read above on how its safe for use.
  • Resin will not come in contact with skin when using.
  • pacifiers include 1 nuk size 6 adult teat & are specially designed to fit adults.
  • Teat is non removable.
  • Not intended for children.

Care instructions:

Wash teat with warm soap & water before each use to ensure a clean, non bacterial mouth piece. 

Wash our soft shield by using a wet cloth with a dime size amount of skin safe soap in circular motions on front & back, rinse with warm water & dry with towel.

Do not soak or boil

Not dishwasher safe.


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