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Recreations are a reproduction of a product that was previously made by us but has since sold. Or if you're looking to add your own unique flare to a product that's still in stock or to create a similar version of that product. Most products can be exactly recreated, created in a similar style or created using a different base if the original isn't exactly right for you.

Custom Pacifiers are a way for our customers to find just what  you're looking for with a fun idea of yours turned into a beautiful unique creation by us. you'll start by choosing your theme, deco level and any special touches you would like added, then leave the rest up to us! we will get to work by picking out a matching (or requested) mix of coloured gems & Rhinestones for your uniquely designed piece.

Other Custom products are also available 

Message & Photo updates will be provided throughout the process to guarantee your satisfaction

Fees & Payment:

Payments are taken via order placement which will be sent to your inbox on the day you would like to purchase. We accept Visa, Mastercard, IDEAL, American Express, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Discover, Diners Club & Bancontact.

For all Recreations a 25% fee (Of total product value) will be applied as a separate charge. This is a Non-refundable fee payed at time of purchase. This fee is necessary as we take greater efforts and time into producing our remakes and to guarantee the satisfaction of the buyer, in the case that you're unsatisfied with the result of the recreation we will make adjustments to the product as needed (with limitations).

Processing times:

  • Processing times for most recreations are between 1-2 weeks (excluding packing & shipping times)
  • Processing times for most specialty shaped pacifiers are between 2-4 weeks due to the complexity & drying times of these products.

Please Inquire about the eligibility of a product recreation & processing times

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